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Have an idea or invention that you need to develop and have ready for production?

SDS can design any practical concept from DC-Daylight. We provide electronic and mechanical engineering services. SDS has helped start-up companies design and develop POC (proof-of-concept) ideas and establish themselves. We have a well stocked electronic development lab that can be of benefit to many technical clientele.
There are many supplies, equipment, hand and shop tools, software and electronic test instrumentation, in our independent engineering design lab. These same facilities that have enabled the success of many client projects, can be beneficial to you and your engineering staff.


Services Provided:

SDS services are contracted to start-up companies, individuals, and seasoned companies in the local high tech community.  SDS's facilities enable various engineering activities including:

*   Schematic Capture & PCB Layout
*   Digital/Analog Design
*   Microprocessor design and programming
*   FPGA design
*   Prototype Development, Assembly, Debug, and Documentation

*   Solidworks file generation and 3D printing


We can also provide technically-minded clientele with the tools, equipment, and resources that they need to finish the job.



Let us know how we can help you.

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