SDS was hired by Spinetics.  They needed to develop a custom interface to a unique 5W bicycle generator (hub) to a USB charge port (pod) located on the bike handlebar. The PCBs were 4-layer, circular C-shaped. Dimensions were imported from a given solidworks step file. Two PCBs were soldered approximately 10mm apart via header pins.

spin_1 spin_2 spin_3spin_sys

The system is still evolving as no funds are available yet. Check here for updates: http://www.spineticsinc.com/
The project design required a microprocessor and special power feedback control system. It required the schematic design and layout of a PCB, plus it's  fabrication, assemble, test, and integration into the deliverable Spinetic system.   All work on the controller PCB was done at SDS's WV facility.