PBIOS (Protein BioSolutions)                

SDS was contacted by PBIOS to help design and develop a interface PCB from an Ardruino Yun to a UV-LED TX-RX control PCB. No other physical components had been designed, and no schematics existed.
First the design was breadboarded. The PCB had a special UV-LED current regulator circuit, along with 6 transimpedance and 6 gain Op Amp stages.  Finally, testing was done to ensure the UV-LEDs were functioning properly.  This work was completed and demonstrated within about 1 month from SDS's initial contact.


PBIOS developed the Ardruino system software to interconnect the UV-LED control PCB. Various other system components were created at SDS using tools available at SDS. The system was declared a great success.

The project used the following skills at SDS:    Electrical Engineering, Schematic Design and Capture, PCB Layout, Electronics Assembly/Test/Debug, Mechanical Specification and Fabrication.

All work was done at both SDS's WV facility and at PBIOS's MD facility. Info on PBIOS: http://www.pbiosolutions.com/