Core Temperature Controls                

SDS was contacted by CTC (Core Temperature Contrls) to help design and develop a "core temperature control" unit for a motorcycle rider. No original design, schematic, or physical component selection existed. They hired me as the design EE to assist in the developmnt of a thermal device to regulate the core body temperature of a motorcycle rider. Other than the need to warm the rider in the winter conditions, there are those with MS (multiple sclerosis) that need to stay cool in the summer. First the design was breadboarded. The circuit board had a PIC microprocessor that was programmed at SDS.  Finally, testing was done to ensure the PIC microprocessor was functioning properly. Within a short time we arrived at a final prototype.

Preliminary Stage:

old_TEC_pcb_1 old_TEC_pcb_2 new_TEC_pcb_1 new_TEC_pcb_2

Final Stage(acheived a remote control via handle bar):

production_main_pcb_1 production_ctrl_pcb old_remote_ctrl_boxBasic_Sys

Mounted on bike (chose Membrane Switch Panel on handlebar)...last pic is a dive unit we built to withstand a depth of 100ft underwater:



brochure_1 brochure_2 brochure_3 brochure_4

The final version of the system has of course been been changed very little from SDS's original concept.  The project used the following skills at SDS:    Electrical Engineering, Schematic Design and Capture, PCB Layout, Microprocessor Programming, Electronics Assembly/Test/Debug, Mechanical Specification and Fabrication.  All development was done at SDS's WV facility.